New Jersey deserves some credit. We can be pretty freakin' funny. And creative.

We're even hysterical when it comes to our vanity and customized license plates.

I've never had a custom plate. They've never really appealed to me.

Plus, it costs enough to drive in this state. Why am I going to spend more?

If you're like me, when you see a custom plate, you have to figure it out.

Sometimes I'll pull up to one that's not so easy to decipher and before I'm able to sound it out, the car is pulling away. No!

Usually, custom plates are cute and fun and have a personal meaning behind them.

I always think about the Seinfeld when vanity plates come up.

It's the episode where Kramer goes to pick up his plate and mistakenly gets the wrong one. It read 'ASSMAN.'

Instead of returning it to the DMV, he puts it on his car and ends up getting a lot of attention.

At the end of the show, we find out that the 'ASSMAN' is a proctologist.

By the way, 'ASSMAN' is one of the many plates that are banned by the NJ MVC.

Government Attic obtained the actual rejection letters from the MVC to drivers who requested plates.

They range from clever to downright obscene. Many make you scratch your head as to how anybody ever thought they would be able to get them passed.

I've found 25 of the funniest submissions that got rejected by the state.

Warning: some of these license plates contain adult language. 

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