Driving throughout New Jersey neighborhoods you may have noticed metal stars attached to houses.

I see them everywhere. They come in all different colors and sizes and there's not one set location on the house where you'll find one.

Sometimes you see them over the garage door, between 2 windows, maybe on the front door, or attached to a barn or shed next to the house.

Although they add a rustic and decorative element to the house, the stars are not just a piece of art used to beautify the outside of a home.

An article in Taste of Homes explained the history and meaning behind these stars you see outside of houses.

From warding off evil to representing friendship and hope, these decorative pieces hold deep meanings beyond just aesthetics and each color holds a special significance for homeowners.

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Taste of Home explains these stars are called "barn stars" and "were installed on barns by early Dutch and German settlers to ward off evil."

"The stars are also known to bring good luck to farmers, too."

The colors have different meanings. Here's how Taste of Home describes each color.

What Does the Color of a Star On a New Jersey Home Mean?

Brown Star -

Symbolizes friendship and strength.

White Star -

Stands for purity and energy.

Violet Star -

A violet star is considered holy.

Green Star -

Symbolizes hope for growth and fertility on the farm.

Blue and Black Stars -

Symbolize protection.

Yellow Star -

Love of man and the sun.

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