I'm wondering how you feel about this one.  Six people who work in supervisor roles at RWJBarnabas Health have been fired after refusing to get their coronavirus vaccine.

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Those roles considered "supervisor" can mean any doctor, nurse or administrator. They are a big operation, RWJBarnabas owns and operates 13 hospitals across New Jersey.

There was a warning of sorts, back in the spring RWJBarnabas Health made a rule that all supervisors will be required to be vaccinated and shortly after that, they would eventually require all their employees to be vaccinated. This was not a surprise but also did not sit well with some employees who were no doubt hoping for a change of heart.

Shannon Holly Getting COVID Vaccine
Shannon Holly Getting COVID Vaccine

It wouldn't be right for me to ask YOU how you feel about this without telling you where I stand on it. While it is shocking when an organization has control over your personal medical decisions, in these times we have new rules. We need our medical staff strong and protected so we can depend on them. In the instance of a medical profession, or in a school setting I think you have to impose vaccinations. I feel that in other professions where there are other options, like working from home, there should be a choice. We simply need our frontline workers protected. I however respect your opinion and I'm more than happy to hear it!  Feel free to call into the Jersey Shore morning show to be heard.

RWJBarnabas was the first New Jersey hospital network to mandate the vaccine and they followed up on their spring announcement by holding those not in compliance accountable. Employees were required to show proof of vaccination to keep their jobs with the deadline being June 30th.

In a statement RWJBarnabas said, "As of July 14, 2,979 staff members, or 99.7 percent, who are at the supervisor level and above, have been fully vaccinated or received medical and religious exemptions or a deferral," Regrettably, six staff at the supervisor level and above have not complied with the mandate and are no longer employees of RWJBH, per our policy."

RWJ Barnabas currently owns and a the following hospitals in New Jersey:

  • Jersey City Medical Center
  • Newark Beth Israel Medical Center
  • Children's Hospital of New Jersey at Newark Beth Israel
  • Clara Maas Medical Center in Belleville
  • Saint Barnabas Medical Center and Burn Unit, Livingston
  • Robert Wood Johnson University Medical Center, main campus in New Brunswick
  • RWJ Rahway
  • RWJ Somerset
  • RWJ Hamilton
  • Children's Specialized Hospital, New Brunswick
  • Bristol Myers Squibb Children's Hospital at RWJUH New Brunswick
  • Monmouth Medical Center (all campuses) and its children's hospital
  • Community Medical Center in Toms River

So what do you guys think about this? I want to thank Carly Baldwin of The Patch for her reporting.  You can read more of Carly's story here.

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