How amazing is this!?

His name is Gary Rietmann, he lives in Barnegat and he is working to ensure that every single healthcare professional, first responder and local police officer have the Personal Protection Equipment they need to do their job without putting themselves at risk.

Have you ever heard of a 3D printer?

Gary and his son have used 3D printers in the past to make fidget spinners and fishing lures but now they are switching up their plan so they can help.

Now they want to PRINT masks for the people who need them the most.

Gary has already dedicated all of his free time that he has left to making as many masks as possible. He has been donating them to local medical staff, law enforcement and first responders but he does not have enough supplies to keep it going on his own.

Gary has created a GoGundMe Page so he can raise enough money to purchase new 3D printers so he can create more masks at once. Currently, he can only make 10 to 12 masks per day with his Ender 5 Plus.


Rietmann has asked friends that have received masks to donate $15 per mask and for others to donate $20 per mask so he can keep this operation going.

Did you ever think it would be possible to use a 3D Printer to make masks? Because I sure didn't. Technology continues to amaze me.

So please donate equipment, money or even time to what Gary has been working on because it is going to help so many people at the Jersey Shore.

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And don't forget to DONATE to Gary's GoFundMe Page.

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