When the earthquake hit Friday morning many New Jersey residents inside buildings and homes heard a loud rumbling sound and everything started to shake.

Pictures fell off walls and computers rattled.

At first many thought it was a nearby explosion, a gust of wind, or a car hitting the building.

Only to find out it was an actual earthquake.

But, what about all the New Jersey residents who were out driving when the earthquake hit?

Did they feel anything?

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I took to Facebook and asked "Were you driving during the earthquake? Did you feel anything?

Here are some of the responses.

What New Jersey Residents Felt While Driving During The Earthquake

- "I was on GSP from 138 to 136 when it hit and felt nothing."

-  "I was driving, didn't feel anything!!! My daughter received a text, and said we just had an earthquake!!!!"

- "I was driving and I was like 15 miles from the epicenter and felt nothing."

- "Didn’t feel a thing. My friend's phone was blowing up with texts and that’s how we found out."

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- "Folks told me they swayed and through it was the wind."

- "I was driving up Rt 9 in Beachwood and didn’t feel anything, but my family felt it in Barnegat."

- "I was driving, and I felt nothing."

- "I was walking outside with my husband and didn’t feel a thing. Had no idea until people started coming out of their homes asking if we heard/felt anything."

It turns out most people who were driving in New Jersey during the earthquake felt NOTHING!

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