We have been through so much in the past year and we've come together to get through so much of it. But are we really throwing our used masks all over the place and having them wind up in the bay? Come on!

I am sure the vast majority of us have the common decency to dispose of our used masks responsibly. But apparently not all of us. Reports from nbcnewyork.com are that over 1,000 dirty, used masks and other PPE were cleaned up last fall around our local waterways, including the Barnegat Bay, and this time we can't blame it all on the tourists.

I could understand this a little more at the beginning of the pandemic when nobody wanted to touch anything and we didn't even want to make contact with a parking lot blacktop for fear the virus was on it.

But we've come a long way from that. Hand gel is readily available, we're washing our hands until they're raw and many of us have been vaccinated or have already had the virus, so my question is why are we dealing with this problem as we head into the most important beach summer of our lifetime?

Can it be that some of us are just that lazy? Of all the things to leave behind, a mask...during a pandemic? I would imagine most people who are still too scared to touch the ground aren't outside too much, so what is going on?

For most of you, you are probably as disgusted as I am. For the rest, do better. Take a minute to think of your fellow Jersey Shore neighbors, think of our local waters and think of our local businesses.

After all, we've been through together, do we really have to read about this? Come on. We can do better. We have to do better.

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