A local school is supposedly haunted, and will hit TV screens nationwide tonight as part of a paranormal investigation!

The Syfy channel's Ghost Hunters follows paranormal investigators as they check out haunted spots for signs of, well, who really knows!

In tonight's episode, they'll explore the Elizabeth V. Edwards School on Rt. 9 in Barnegat, a former elementary and high school that's been closed since 2004.

A maintenance worker recounted a story to the Philadelphia Inquirer where he was working alone in the school, and while on a ladder, he heard a creaking noise and suddenly a door beneath him swung open. Understandably frightened, he ran out of the building, and when he went back in, the ladder had moved down the hallway.

There are other stories of unplugged phones ringing, the sounds of lockers banging and music playing, and even seeing an actual ghost. Weird.

The claim is that the school's namesake, Elizabeth V. Edwards, is still hanging around the building.

In a clip, the investigators note a strong chocolate smell in the school that seems to travel along the hallway with seemingly no source.

The episode airs tonight at 9 p.m. on Syfy.

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