Bayshore Pharmacy Cards & Gifts in Atlantic Highlands is the next business to step in and help federal employees who are being severely impacted by this government shutdown.

They are offering government workers deferred payment plans for the medications free of interest until the government resumes payroll. So in layman's terms, government workers can still get their necessary medications without worrying about their wallet until their paychecks resume.

“With the peak of cold and flu season upon us, we do not want our patients to skip their medications” said Richard P. Stryker, owner of Bayshore Pharmacy. “By offering a deferred payment plan, our patients will not have to worry about choosing whether to make their mortgage payment or purchase medications for their family.”


If you recall, I attended the pharmacy's grand opening and got to meet the co-owners Scott and Rich who are incredibly personable and both guys have a heart of gold. I am so proud to know them, especially after seeing their ability to help out the federal employees who are truly suffering right now.

Plus, in case you couldn't tell, they both have a goofy side.

“As a family business that has served the Bayshore area for two generations, we understand that a crisis for one member of our community is a crisis for all of us,“ Stryker said.

Bayshore Pharmacy Cards & Gifts is located at 2 Bayshore Pharmacy in Atlantic Highlands and is in the same parking lot as the Super Foodtown.

This location also won best gift shop of Monmouth County so if you ever need to get some shopping done, this is the place.

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