If you're planning a Memorial Day barbeque, here are eight grilling mistakes to avoid!

1. Don't skip the salt. Don't believe stories that salting meat will make it tough. Season it about a half-hour before grilling.

2. Don't use lighter fluid to get the grill going. You're better off using a chimney starter.

3. Don't press hard on the burgers. What drips out is the flavor and moisture! Leave them alone and flip just once.

4. Don't flip out. You don't need to turn the meat over and over and over. Flipping once (or twice if you can't help yourself) is sufficient.

5. Don't abuse the barbecue fork. Tongs or a spatula are much better options.

6. Don't battle a flare-up with water. Water and grease don't mix. Calm fires with a flame-resistant kitchen towel.

7. Don't check for doneness with a knife. Steak needs to rest. Leave it alone for at least ten minutes or you'll wind up with a tough, dry piece of meat.

8. Don't cook meat all the way through. It keeps cooking after you take it off the heat, so remove it before it's done to your liking.

What are your favorite bbq-ing tips? Share them here!