There is another scam for Ocean County from the Ocean County Sheriff's Office.

There are so many scams out there and here's one more for you. I was reading on Facebook how there are scams for almost everything right now. It is very scary.

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A friend of mine recently went through something like this and it was horrible. 

He's talking to his son and he's asking him if he's ok, he says he was in an accident, I'm in trouble and I need a lawyer. I need you to call this lawyer's number.

The phone was not in a good area and was very crackly. The phone was not very clear. The phone just cuts out. The phone call was very short, but he was able to get the lawyer's number to my friend right before the phone cuts out. The number that came through on the phone was not his son's phone number, the police had his phone.

It's every parent's worst nightmare, what is going on?

This is my son and he needs me. My friend calls the number of this lawyer, the number that was given to him before the phone cut out on him. My friend tells me, it sounds like a normal office sound, he gives him the information, he hears the shuffling of papers over the phone and gives him more minor information. He was asked for money for his son. His son was never in an accident and thank goodness he was ok. But, these phone scams have to stop.

Digital Team, Artur, Getty Images
Digital Team, Artur, Getty Images

What is the scam we should all watch out for in Ocean County New Jersey?

This is from the Ocean County Sheriff's Department with the latest scam for Ocean County residents to watch out for.

Phone calls are coming from the Ocean County Sheriff's Office about collecting money for their department. The Ocean County Sheriff's Department WILL NEVER solicit money over the phone for any reason at all. If you have any concerns about this latest scam please call 732-929-2044 for further questions.

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