Recently we posted a story about many local Jersey Shore residents concerned about the size of the Memorial Day weekend yard parties they were seeing. And now we're starting to hear about at least one person who spread Covid-19.

The governor of Pennsylvania has been advising his residents to avoid coming to our NJ beaches, concerned about the crowds and what that could mean for spreading Covid-19. Now 11 people in PA have already been diagnosed with the virus, traced back to an infected person who attended multiple house gatherings at the Jersey Shore (they haven't yet told us in which towns.)

This is exactly what so many locals in Belmar were worried about just a couple of weeks ago, with so many comments on our social media pages about witnessing way more than the allotted 25-person max at some beach house parties throughout Belmar. And in and Ocean Grove, there were some very concerned, passionate opinions about the tents being so close together.

Annual residents of several beach towns were fearful that once the summer renters arrived with their friends that the virus would become a bigger danger, and, in this case, they were right.

Just because our beaches are open and on a sunny day it feels like life is almost back to 'normal', now is no time to let down your guard. If you can't stay six feet apart from someone at a party, if you find that there is a crowd around you and no one is wearing a mask, and if you can't keep washing your hands...then maybe it's just better to avoid these gatherings so that you don't run the risk of getting, carrying, and spreading this still-deadly virus.

Because despite the sunshine and the fact that it's beach season, life is most certainly NOT back to 'normal.'

For the story about concerned Belmar residents, CLICK HERE.

For the story about the tent colony in Ocean Grove, CLICK HERE.

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