If searching for the most beautiful waterfall is on your spring bucket list of things to do you're in luck. New Jersey is home to one of the largest waterfalls in the country.

It's time to get outdoors and explore.

Before we get to the most gorgeous waterfall in New Jersey, let's start with another breathtaking one in Pennsylvania.

It's called "The Niagara Falls of Pennsylvania." Bushkill Falls is located in the Poconos and it doesn't take too long to get there from New Jersey.

I've been on a waterfall kick lately, recently taking the 2-hour drive to Bushkill Falls to check out the 8 waterfalls in the mountains of the Poconos.

The views are incredible. You can walk the long path connected by bridges.

If you have the time and can take an extended weekend getaway, drive to New York or Canada and experience Niagra Falls.

It only took us about 7 hours to get there. We went back in November, a beautiful time of year to visit, and had such an amazing time.

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With the return of warmer weather here in New Jersey, I'm looking for a waterfall closer to home to explore.

MSN had a recent article about the most gorgeous waterfall in every state and I'm super excited to check out this New Jersey location.

The Most Gorgeous Waterfall in New Jersey is Paterson Great Falls

Located in Paterson, Passaic County. Grab your camera and get ready to explore this natural beauty through the Passaic River.

This National Historical Park presents photogenic scenes and tells the story of America’s industrial heritage, establishing it as a unique cultural landmark.

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