I love seeing local craziness on Insta.  This father-son fishing trip out of Monmouth County turned out to be a massive experience and a very close call!

What's up Belmar?  You win in the big fish competition BTW.

Doug and Zach Piller were having a wonderful day fishing together when they almost caught a fish bigger than their boat. Not even kidding.

You would think you would feel pretty secure being in an 18-foot boat but that is not nearly enough to handle an enormous humpback whale popping by to say, "hi".  This video is unreal and luckily Zach had his phone out filming at the exact moment the whale breached.

Zach Piller said this is the craziest thing he has seen in his 23 years and posted the moment on Instagram.  How cool is this video?

He posted, "epic whale footage hitting the side of our boat."

Can you even imagine that experience? I would be so mesmerized by the beauty I bet I would forget I was in real danger at the moment. You know, like you are watching it on TV except this is real life!

Such cool footage!  The funniest part is that Dad who had a fish on the pole before the breech, never let go! You can learn more about what to do if you ever encounter a whale in person from The Patch here.

Animals fascinate me but not enough to get that close on purpose!

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Who woulda thought?

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