The whales and dolphins along the coast of New Jersey seem to be very active this Summer.

We already have found the gorgeous drone footage that was recently captured of a dolphin near the shore a dolphin that was rescued off the coast of NJ and I have seen packs of dolphins swimming in the ocean multiple times while I am at the beach.

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So I guess it is no surprise that we just heard of another incident....and this one is WILD!

A few guys were cruising along the coast of New Jersey when two humpback whales decided to jump out of the water and RAM THEIR BOAT!

Unfortunately we are not 100% sure which town this occurred near but we thought this footage is too cool not to share immediately!

Take a look and what do you think you would do in this situation?

No one was injured during this incident. The whales basically popped out of the water, bumped the boys' boat and swam away.

The footage you see above was supplied by Luke Haley who must be thrilled because to experience and capture this experience first hand is something I am sure he will never forget.

Maybe just wanted to let them know whose boss?

If you want to take another look at the footage in the original post, head to

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