Berkeley Township has heard the cries of its residents and commuters along the Route 9 corridor and have been pushing for months, years for NJNG and the NJDOT to complete their work.

Their latest effort puts a near ultimatum on the shoulders of the NJDOT.

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At their monthly meeting on Monday night, the Berkeley Township Council introduced a resolution demanding that the NJDOT director their contractors to immediately pave Route 9, according to a copy of the resolution obtained by Townsquare Media News.

There's been delay after delay which has seemingly frustrated residents, commuters and township government leaders.

In March of 2021, the Berkeley Township Council introduced a resolution demanding that New Jersey Natural Gas finish up their gas pipeline project on Route 9 and give a date on when they'll be done so that the NJDOT can come in and pave the road.

In response, NJNG said in part that delays were due to severe weather last winter.

"While the past season’s severe winter weather caused some work delays, we are still within weeks of our last projected project completion timeline.  The majority of the project work that had larger traffic impacts is already completed, with roadway restoration work in Beachwood already underway.  Smaller tie-in and related system work to finalize the project is expected to be completed by mid-May, followed by final roadway restoration in those work areas," an NJNG spokesman previously told Townsquare Media News.

Then in July of 2021, Berkeley Township officials announced that the NJDOT would be sending their contractor, Earle Asphalt, to work on Route 9 between Jones Road and Longboat Avenue.

On September 27, 2021, the Berkeley Township Council introduced a resolution demanding the Route 9 paving be done.

The resolution says, in part, that "the paving was originally supposed to take place within the springtime but, due to a project by New Jersey Natural Gas within the area, it was delayed, and additional project delays have pushed the timeline back even further."

The years have grown longer as many wait for paving to be completed.

Berkeley's Council continued in the resolution adding,"the township has waited years for the NJDOT to repave Route 9 within the township, as Route 9 is in a complete state of disrepair in certain areas; and the Route 9 corridor is unsafe and creates a dangerous condition, causing major vehicle damage to suspension systems, tires and rims. 

School is back in session and busses are now being subjected to these conditions, resulting in more wear and tear on these vehicles, the expenses for which will ultimately be borne by the taxpayers.

The township and its residents have waited years for the repaving of Route 9 and demands NJDOT direct its contractor to commence paving at the Route 9 corridor within Berkeley Township within 30 days to prevent any more inconveniences to the motoring public."

The New Jersey Department of Transportation has not yet responded to a request for comment on the Berkeley Township resolution as of Tuesday afternoon.

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