How do you like your burger?

Whether it's rare or well done, you'll find bangin' burgers in New Jersey.

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I think many of us feel the best burger in the Garden State comes right from the deck or our backyard.

While I agree that there are plenty of "grillmasters" in Jersey, sometimes you just want to go out and indulge.

The atmosphere is really important too.

I've always found that the food at an establishment can be phenomenal, but if the surroundings aren't the best, it can downgrade the experience.

Is there anything better than sitting on the water and enjoying a juicy burger in the summer?

Photo by Mario on Unsplash
Photo by Mario on Unsplash

If being inside is more your thing, there are plenty of swanky gourmet places to enjoy.

What are the most popular burger toppings?

According to Thrillist, the number one most popular burger topping is cheese.

The likely number two would be ketchup or mustard, right? Wrong.

Onions came in at number two, followed by all of the condiments like ketchup, mustard, mayo, and BBQ sauce.

A New Jersey restaurant is getting the national spotlight for its wild and unusual take on burgers.

Traditionalists fear not, this eatery still serves up a burger without all the fancy stuff.

However, if you feel like walking on the wild side, this is your spot.

Let's start with the mac n' cheese burger.

Many restaurants do a variaion of the mac 'n cheese burger, but this one is next level.

The burger that Spoon University raves about and declared was one of the best in New Jersey is a little out there. Ok, it's way out there. It's called the 'Burgernut.'

I've tried this burger before and surprisingly it works. It's the perfect combination of salty and sweet with a burger patties topped with cheese and ketchup and sandwiched between a glazed donut.

These creations can be found at The Commited Pig.

They have locations in Manasquan, Morristown, and Summit.

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