I often talk about New Jersey accolades.

It's nice when we get good press for being "the best."

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Sometimes we're the best in the state, other times we're the best in the country.

This is the first time I'm writing about a Garden State distillery that got recognized for being the best in the entire world.

One of the world’s biggest spirits competitions is the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Every year, 56 judges with the foremost experience come together from all over the globe to judge spirits from far and wide.

Asbury Park Distillery
Asbury Park Distillery

I'm thrilled to announce that Asbury Park Distilling Co. was awarded Best Regular Gin!

We can now say officially that AP Distilling Co. has the best gin in the world.

They represented the U.S. well as the only American distillery to get an award in this category.

Distilleries from the UK, Singapore, Canada, France, and The Netherlands picked up wins for specialty gins, but only our very own Asbury Park Distilling Co. walked away with the traditional "Best Regular."

How cool is it to know that the best gin in the world is manufactured locally right in downtown Asbury Park?

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? It's time for a celebratory cocktail.

A classic gin and tonic always hits the spot.

The best place to enjoy a drink is at AP Distilling Co.'s tasting room.

It has become quite the hot spot in downtown Asbury Park.

Not only do they have a really creative cocktail menu, but all of the craft spirits are manufactured on-site.

Congratulations and cheers to Asbury Park Distilling Co.

Who's ready for summer? Start planning on that first drink here.

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