New Jersey has been receiving a lot of "bests" lately, but are we surprised?

This place in particular has a really cool story that goes back a while.

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The bar itself is a relic of Prohibition. Real rum runners would throw back a cocktail when they weren't smuggling booze.

Even to this day, some residents in Jersey don't even know this place exists. I guess the secret is out now, huh?

This watering hole is considered one of the best low-key bars in the entire country.

There's really not much to it, and that's what adds to its charm.

This is definitely your "no-frills" type of establishment.

The fact that it's in Monmouth County makes it sort of a rarity.

You walk into this place and it's like walking into some dude's man cave.

The only difference is that there is always a crowd, there are many more beers on tap, and there's a trained bartender serving drinks.

Oh, the food is off the charts by the way.

Lifestyle website Thrillist went state-by-state identifying the best small town bars in the Country.

I was excited to see a Rumson mainstay get the spotlight.

Congratulations to Murphy's Tavern!

What a great choice by Thrillist, and man, what a history Murphy's has.

Their trademark sign says "since Prohibition," and they're not kidding.

Murphy's has been serving spirits on Ward Lane since 1856!

Here's to many more years!

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