I got to taste some yummy boardwalk food last summer, but it just wasn't the same. Let's hope there's a bit more normalcy this summer so we can chow down the way it's supposed to be done!

While we wait for summer, let's take a look at how the Jersey Shore did with The Daily Meal's list of the "31 Best Boardwalks for Food"

While a Monmouth or Ocean county boardwalk didn't take #1 (rigged - kidding), the Shore made several appearances on the website's rundown of boardwalk grub.

What were the criteria? The site said:

To help us determine this, we categorized popular American boardwalk vacation spots into five separate categories. Our social category not only took into consideration the number of followers they had on Twitter and Facebook, but it also noted how often they posted about the food scene on their boardwalks, and how many “deals” they post. Next, we looked at the actual quantity of restaurants on or just off of the boards. The more locations, the better! But it isn’t all quantity over quality here at The Daily Meal: they had to be highly rated places, and there had to be a wide variety of eateries (it can’t all be a potato on a stick, people!). We also considered the atmosphere surrounding the boardwalk and eateries, as well as the fun-factor of it being bustling with fun people. Our final category was editorial judgment, where we considered all of these elements, plus commentary that floated around the social sites surrounding these beach institutions.

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With that said, here's how we did:

  • 27

    Jenkinson's Boardwalk - Point Pleasant Beach

    jenksboardwalk via Instagram
    jenksboardwalk via Instagram

    Am I partial to the Shore? You bet. I would've liked to see Asbury Park, Point and Seaside at one, two and three (in no particular order.) I was kind of shocked that Jenks didn't rank higher though. The Daily Meal had a nice write-up:

    This North Jersey (their words, not mine) hotspot is a fabulous place for families to hang their hats for the summer. With sprawling, clean beaches and a ton of fun things to do, Point Pleasant, N.J. is a great place to have authentic summer fun and far. This is especially true for those who visit Jenkinson's Boardwalk, where eateries and bars are a plenty. We are particularly impressed with the Sweet Shop (which offers a dangerous amount of fudge and candied apples and the Inlet Bar and Restaurant which lets your dine right on the sand!

  • 26

    Keansburg Amusement Park

    keansburgamusementpark via Instagram
    keansburgamusementpark via Instagram

    Gotta be honest, wasn't expecting to see Keansburg make the national cut. I was even more surprised to see it beat Point!

    Establishments have made a name for themselves for fast and fun food. Spots like Barb’s Burritos put a fun spin on traditional beach fare worth checking out.

  • 18

    Asbury Park Boarwalk

    langostalounge via Instagram
    langostalounge via Instagram

    When it comes to food, Asbury's restaurants are tops. Maybe the reason it didn't rank higher is that they don't specialize in traditional "boardwalk fare," but nonetheless, APB was given high praise.

    Asbury Park Boardwalk a destination for vacationers and music lovers a must-see attraction. The fact that they have an incredible food scene doesn’t hurt either! Try popping by the Crepe Shop for a pre-beach noshing session, or kill time at Pucker before a shower for some delicious lemonade and the best fries on the boards. Dinner time can be spent at spots like the Langosta Lounge for a great Mexican fiesta!

  • 13

    Seaside Heights Boardwalk

    The best giant slice of pie you can get at the Shore will be found in Seaside.

    Cheese and grease are the mainstays at this New Jersey boardwalk, but that doesn’t mean this is all they’ve ever had to offer. Pick up an authentic pizza pie at Three Brothers From Italy or double-fist it with legendary cheesesteaks from Midway Steak House.

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