The 2022 season at Six Flags Great Adventure kicks off on Saturday, April 2.

So, I thought it would be only fitting to rank our favorite rollercoasters by the sheer intensity.

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The 2022 season at Great Adventure looks to be jam-packed.

Park officials are saying that El Toro should be back up and running.

There will also be special events like the 2022 Dance Fest, Grad Nite on June 10 where high school seniors take over the park, and the ever-popular Six Flags Slam Fest will be returning on June 18 as guests get to meet the biggest stars in the world of professional wrestling. Who knows? Maybe one of them will ride a coaster with you?

Now if there's one thing that I've learned it is that roller coaster enthusiasts take coasters seriously. Very seriously.

That's why I feel that it's important that layout the scientific evidence that went into this ranking?


That's right, it's just one man's opinion, experience, and some feedback from others sprinkled in.

Remember, this go around I ranked the rides on thrills, not the overall best coaster.

All of these thrill rides are so subjective anyway. My favorite could be your least favorite and vice versa.

I do want your feedback though. What would your rankings be? Do you agree with my number one? I've got pretty thick skin. I can take it. Let me know.

Ranking the Most Thrilling Coasters at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson

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