While there is much allure to city life across the nation, from the bright lights of New York to  the artistic intrigue of the Los Angeles, the small towns of America offer their own set of charming benefits.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic inspired many to flock from congested cities to the suburbs, with data company Niche conducting a 2020 study on the Best Places to Live in America based on factors including cost of living, health and weather. The towns on this list cover the country's vast landscape, with the Top 20 encompassing a Pennsylvania suburb with a 62-acre nature center and a town in Missouri that boasts the slogan "Progress with Tradition," while Clarendon Hills, Ill. (near Chicago) is known for its uniquely designed curved streets and ability to balance work and play, with high-performing schools and the Daisy Days summer festival that features live music and carnival games.

A town in New Mexico that's home to three national parks; planned communities in Texas and Virginia; the town of Jericho, New York that was once a stop on the Underground Railroad; and a town in Kansas that used to be a sanctuary for veterans and their families in the 1940s that now features a Village Festival are among the many other towns that are ideal places to call home in the United States.

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The Best Small Towns to Live in Across America

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