I will be the first to admit, I know pretty much nothing about beer. I enjoy drinking beer and going to breweries but if it wasn't for what's written on the menu, I wouldn't have any idea if I'm drinking a lager, a stout, or an ale. A couple of my best friends are very knowledgeable beer drinkers and I think it's a sweet hobby, but beer is just beer to me. Deciding what beer to drink at a brewery and betting on a horse race at Monmouth Park is pretty much the same thing for me, I'll simply choose the best name. I think what I'm trying to say is that you don't have to be a "master of beer" to enjoy Jersey Shore breweries.

With that, after seeing a sweet Instagram promo, my buddies and I decided to make our way to Beach Haus Brewery on Main St. in Belmar. This wasn't my first time going there but I feel like each time I go, the brewery gets better. Our goal was to watch college basketball, order a few flights, eat some tasty food, and have a fun night out. We did EXACTLY that! The two-story brewery has plenty of space and you can tell they take pride in wanting customers to have a high-quality experience. I think it's safe to say Beach Haus Brewery is one of the best breweries at the Jersey Shore. It's not only a great place for knowledgeable beer drinkers but people like me can also have a great time. (KEEP SCROLLING FOR MORE)

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It's important to note, they are now serving very good food thanks to David Burke. Like...very very good food! Chef David Burke is from the Jersey Shore and he is known for making an appearance on the reality TV show Iron Chef America. We ordered tasty pizzas and a couple of Bavarian pretzels. The food was perfect with our beers. A brewery with great food can sometimes be hard to find but there's one on Main St. in Belmar! Click HERE for the full menu.

During the summer I am a Belmar beachgoer so I know I'll be at the Beach Haus Brewery many times in the near future. This is definitely a Jersey Shore spot you should check out, you won't be disappointed. You can like them on Facebook, Instagram, and for more information visit the Beach Haus Brewery website.

Great examples of Beach Haus food & beer are below...Cheers!

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