It's another great honor for a Jersey Shore favorite. One of our very own parks has been named the best in the state by a prominent website.

The list of honors continues to grow for our area, and this time around the focus is on parks. The prominent website Travel & Leisure has named Island Beach State Park as the best state park in New Jersey.

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Of course, Island Beach State Park is a summer hot spot and one of the most visited places around during the summer. it's just about a Jersey Shore tradition to hear how quickly Island Beach State Park reaches capacity on a summer Saturday,

The barrier island is 10 miles of beautiful views and beaches and sits between the ocean and the gorgeous Barnegat Bay. And it is one of the most scenic places around.

And here's something most people may not know. The barrier island is one of the few barrier islands left basically the way it existed when it was first spotted by Henry Hudson on the ship Half Moon, according to the New Jersey Parks and Forest website.

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