Bethenny Frankel is known for keeping it real — and she's not holding back when it comes to reviewing Kylie Jenner's makeup brand.

Taking to Instagram, the former Real Housewives of New York cast member blasted Kylie Cosmetics' Birthday PR Box.

"Girl don’t do it, it’s not worth it," Frankel said in her review of the expensive makeup set.

The box includes the brand's three-piece Birthday Lip Crayon Set as well as Lip Gloss Set, and is sold for $175 on Kylie Cosmetics website.

Frankel's issue wasn't with the product quality, but rather the value of the box itself, which includes the same makeup that can be purchased individually as a bundle for just $58. Essentially, the $117 markup appears to simply pay for the pink cardboard box the Birthday PR Box comes in.

"I was confused, I thought something had to be different. There is something different: This has a box that you’re gonna throw in the garbage unless you have a hamster that you’re gonna put in here," Frankel quipped.

"This is going right back and being returned because it’s a scam. How stupid do we have to be? … I mean I’m a sucker, I like it, I like the packaging… but where you lose me is where you scammed me," she continued.

Watch below:

Unfortunately, Frankel wasn't able to return the box. The Housewives star also shared in her video that Kylie Cosmetics does not take returns.

The company's FAQ page says they do no take returns and that "all sales are final." Additionally, the company says they can "refuse all returns, reshipments and refunds."

Frankel isn't the only customer who has taken issue with the confusingly priced box set. Others have shared similar thoughts in the reviews section of the product's page.

"Paid a lot of money for a cardboard box. Better off buying each bundle separately. This is a ripoff. I’m a huge fan of Kylie cosmetics but products are going downhill," one user wrote.

"I paid $125 extra for a 'PR Box' that was just a pink cardboard box you throw out. Waste of money and nothing special. What did I pay extra for? It's the same $50 lip products ... When I complained, the customer rep said sorry, that's what it is. No refunds. No apologies. NEVER buying again," another wrote in their review.

This isn't the first time Kylie Cosmetics has been embroiled in controversy. Earlier this year, Jenner was called out for using "recycled" makeup in her Valentine's Day collection.

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