Kylie Jenner's makeup and skincare line Kylie Cosmetics is embroiled in yet another controversy. A woman claims that one of the company's airport vending machines gave her the wrong lip kit, and getting a refund is proving to be difficult.

TikTok user @denabobena went viral sharing her negative experience using one of the Kylie Cosmetics airport vending machines.

In her video, she explained that after she selected a particular lip kit, called "Snow Way Bae," from a Kylie Cosmetics vending machine, she received the wrong product — one that wasn't even listed as an option, called "Sweater Weather."

Watch the clip below:

After going viral, the official TikTok page for Kylie Cosmetics commented on @denabobena's video with an apology.

"Oh no! We are so sorry this happened we reached out to our vending machine team and they will be issuing you a refund," the company wrote.

However, in an update @denabobena revealed that the company asked her to send them the product she had received within three to five business days in order to process her refund, which is especially difficult right now as she is traveling — hence the airport.

"They sent me an email a couple of hours after you commented this and asked for me to send it back and providing forms for the refund," @denabobena replied to Kylie Cosmetics in a comment.

This isn't Kylie Cosmetics' only scandal in 2022. In August, Jenner was accused of unsanitary production procedures, according to Page Six.

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