If you've ever purchased new clothes and put them on before washing them, you may want to read this. Or maybe you shouldn't.

Experts are urging you to wash newly purchased clothes before you wear them. Here are a few compelling (and a couple of pretty gross) reasons why this is an excellent idea, according to refinery29.com.

Rashes and itchiness. There are two words you never want to deal with. Experts say some chemicals that are pretty common could cause there irritations, but a run through the wash will get rid of them.

Fungus, bacteria and lice. Three more words you never want to hear, but since you never know who tried clothes on before you did or who used the dressing room before you, they are a real possibility. Some experts say to be safe you should wash the new clothes twice.

I don't know about you but I immediately flashed back to my recent clothing purchases and I tried to remember if I always washed the clothes right after I bought them. I can't really remember, so I'm going to tell myself I did. I'll just feel better that way.