Does that look like the belly or the body of a pregnant woman?

No, it doesn't, and because she's not. Slow your roll, Beyhivers. Beyonce is not pregnant, despite the rumor spreading like a communicable disease in a crowded metropolis last week. The Queen's hubby Jay-Z -and really, he would know-- put the kibosh on the speculation that he and the wifey were about to welcome Baby No. 2 and a sibling for Blue Ivy.

The Hova emailed the NYC radio station Hot 97 to deny, deny, deny. He let station PD Ebro Darden know that "the pregnancy rumor is false," after Darden had hit up the rapper and mogul to extend a congrats on expanding la famiglia Carter. Darden said that the Hov told him "it's not true."

So while there were several sources claiming to have inside knowledge (and others poo pooing the stories as "silly"), there is no bun on Queen Bey's oven. She got sick, she canceled a show and she got emotional about it. That doesn't mean she has morning sickness or more estorgen in her system because she's preggo.

Darn. We were hoping for a playmate for Baby Blue already.

PopCrushers, do you believe Jay-Z? Or is he trying to throw everyone off the scent until Bey makes it through to her second trimester?


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