Homeowners who are looking to increase the value of their homes are diligent about upgrading the kitchen and bathrooms, replacing the old roof and maintaining the utilities. However, there are other amenities that can boost the value of homes that the entire community can share.

First, neighborhoods with hiking trails attract buyers who appreciate the exercise and enjoy the outdoors. In Jersey, these trails can be enjoyed year-round, as every season provides a different hiking experience.

Secondly, mature trees add to the overall community and play a role in increasing home values. Some developments cut down mature trees to plant younger ones as a way to maintain the grounds. However, this has a negative effect on property values. Older trees provide shade and have more character than a newly planted twig. Trees in your front yard can add 3-5% to your home value. Furthermore, in higher income areas, the aesthetic beauty of mature trees can increase a neighborhood’s value as much as 15%.

Dog parks are a third way to add value to your community. Buyers purchase homes in areas with parks and green space and are willing to pay more for homes in neighborhoods with dog parks.

Finally, organized community groups are another way to add value to your neighborhood. Strong community support enhances the desirability to live in those neighborhoods. Reach out to the residents in your community and organize various collections for local non-profits. For example, a food drive for the local pantry in need or a toy drive for children at the local hospital. There are many non-profits that would be grateful for the support.

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