Popular for their home-style cooking, we were shocked to find that 'Come 2 Mamas' on Brick Boulevard is closed. 

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The backbone of the eatery was Grandma Jean and Grandma Mercedes. According to Come 2 Mamas' website, the two women loved two things the most. Family and the kitchen. They believed that a lot could be accomplished through conversations at the dinner table. It wasn't just the Mama's personality that brought people in, it was the delicious comfort food.

105.7 The Hawk reports that when you call the restaurant, there's just a recorded message saying "Thank you for calling Come 2 Mamas’. We are now closed.”

Patrons of the Brick restaurant want answers. Comments like these are all over their Facebook page.

We wish the Mamas' and their family the best and hope to get official word on the future of the restaurant soon.

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