TikTok users are accusing a bridesmaid of making her friend's bachelorette party all "about her."

In a viral video viewed more than 9 million times, a bride-to-be's best friend announces she's pregnant while the group participates in a TikTok trend where they each reveal their "wedding weekend fit."

Each woman steps up to the camera to reveal where they got their clothing and accessories before moving off screen, making way for the next woman in line.

With the bride-to-be standing behind her in the line, eventually a woman wearing a green sundress steps forward to describe her outfit. "And baby bump from Riley," she concludes, placing her hand over her belly and smiling.

As the information sinks in, the bride's face lights up with excitement. "Wait... what!?" she exclaims.

"I'm two months pregnant," the bridesmaid reveals.

The two women then share a big, excited hug as the bride jokes, "I didn't know you weren't drinking!"

Watch below:

"I love you, bestie. You're going to be the best mama," the bride-to-be shared in the video via text.

However, TikTok users who viewed the viral clip were less charmed by the announcement.

"Definition of 'How can I make this about me?'" one user commented.

"How can I surprise my best friend with the most amazing news ever**?" the future bride replied to the comment, defending her friend.

"Anyone seen that episode from Friends… between Rachel & Monica? About the thunder stealing…you know? #iykyk," another viewer wrote.

"The pregnant girl is like 'how can I make this about me' ... even if the bride is happy for you, this will still probably shift the focus of the night," someone else shared.

Not all comments were negative, though.

"Adults usually have multiple milestones like this overlapping around the same time in friend groups. So nothing wrong with [this]," one user wrote.

Even the pregnant bridesmaid weighed in down in the comments section.

"Yup, not ideal time/place, but 1. I live OOT [out of town], and it was the first time I had seen her in over a month! 2. she knows me too well to lie all weekend," she wrote.

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