Is Britney Spears signing on to ‘X Factor‘ after all? Reports have surfaced claiming the ‘Til the World Ends’ singer met up with her conservatorship judge to discuss the panelist position.
Spears was in court on Thursday, March 22, with fiancee Jason Trawick and father (and conservator) Jamie Spears. Radar Online reports that Spears’ judge wanted to meet up to discuss the details of an ‘X Factor’ contract. “Britney’s team is almost ready to sign the contract for her to become a judge on ‘X Factor,’” a source told Radar. “Before the contract is signed, the lawyers needed to get approval from Judge Reva Goetz, as all business transactions, contracts, etc., need to get formal approval.”


The news comes hot on the heels of Fergie bailing on the Fox series. Two weeks ago, it was reported that Spears rejected a $10 million deal with the show, holding out for $20 million. Radar reports that Spears and producers negotiated for a $15 million contract, which still makes her the highest paid reality TV judge in the realm of ‘X Factor,’ ‘American Idol‘ and ‘The Voice.’

One of Spears’ other contractual needs was the ability to schedule her traveling around her sons. “She will travel out of state for auditions, as long as it doesn’t interfere with her custodial time with her sons. The boys will be allowed to come to the set whenever Britney wants them there,” the insider said. “Her sons are her number one priority. Jason has been heavily involved in the contract talks.”

“Judge Goetz wanted to talk to Britney in person to make sure this is something that she wanted to do, and that she was capable of doing,” the source revealed. “The judge was extremely impressed and Britney is very, very excited to become a part of Simon Cowell’s show. The judge signed off on the deal.”

A formal announcement is expected to be made within two weeks. We can’t wait to see BritBrit on the small screen and hear her artist feedback!

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