Burger King is closing not one, but TWO Jersey Shore locations.

Hey BK, what happened to "Have it your way!?" because this is definitely not the way a lot of us would have hoped for.

But....don't lose hope because this story is not as sad as you are thinking.

Burger King has just closed their restaurant locations on Newman Springs Road in Tinton Falls and on Route 70 in Lakehurst....and this is the third BK closure in the span of just over a week.

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Both Burger King signs are gone from these locations. A sign that reads, "Thank you for your business through the years," has been hung up at both locations.

The parent company of Burger King is yet to make an official announcement but word on the street is that BK is working to close their older locations and open newer ones at different locations.

"All of this, as we’ve said in the past, is aimed at improving the profitability of our franchisees and our system,” said Jose Cil, RBI's chief executive officer. "These restaurants that we close were in good trade areas that have evolved, and they’re no longer in the right trade area, and we’re reopening new stores with better unit economics, better image, better experience, better technology.”

So yes, you will still be able to get your Whopper on. For example, a new Burger King restaurant has already been approved for an area in Lacey!

If you want to take a closer look at the most recent Burger King-related announcement, take a look at APP.com.

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