Whether it's celebrity gossip, a "listicle," or a niche quiz, BuzzFeed has been consumed by the masses for about 15 years. The web publication has been churning out content at a rapid pace since its inception, which has proven to work for their business model.

One of the downsides to the "quantity over quality" method, however, is the increased likelihood of errors in published posts.

No one is perfect. I make a ton of errors in my articles, and sometimes they even slip past my editor.

Even the top talent at BuzzFeed let things slip through the cracks sometimes, but a recent quiz I took on their website brought me upon an egregious error I could not stay silent on.

Behold, the very first question of a quiz called: Sorry, New Yorkers, But Only People From New Jersey Will Get 100% On This Trivia Quiz

Screenshot: BuzzFeed
Screenshot: BuzzFeed

Which of these celebrities is NOT from New Jersey? Pretty straightforward. Our four options are Shaquille O'Neal, Billy Joel, Bradley Cooper, and Joe Pesci.

Well this must certainly be a trick question because there is more than one person listed who is not from the Garden State.

Shaq and Joe Pesci are both natives of Newark, NJ, so that eliminates half of our options. Bradley Cooper is a native of Philadelphia. Then you have Billy Joel, born in the Bronx, and very famously raised on Long Island. Like ... he has songs dedicated to it.

So now we have a conundrum. I don't want to get a single question of this quiz wrong since the headline tells me "only people from New Jersey will get 100% on this quiz."

I may have been born on Staten Island (New York, but basically Jersey), but I've lived on this side of the Outerbridge for most of my life. I can't get this wrong or else I'll have an identity crisis and feel as though I have no home.

Is either Bradley Cooper or Billy Joel MORE "not from Jersey" than the other? We seem to have a similar disdain for PA and Long Island, so it can't be that.

After hours of deliberation, I decided BuzzFeed wanted me to pick Billy Joel. Philadelphia is right across the river from Camden, NJ after all. You can practically walk there. Perhaps the creator of the quiz, and team of editors, figured it was close enough.

Billy Joel, on the other hand, had a debut album named after a Long Island town close to where he grew up.

Surely BuzzFeed is familiar with Billy Joel's classic "The Ballad of Billy the Kid," in which the final verse contains the line "From a town known as Oyster Bay, Long Island, rode a boy with a six-pack in his hand." This guy's got Long Island running through his bloodstream. There's no way anyone could mistake where he had his upbringing.

OK, it's time to choose: Billy Joel is more so not from Jersey.

Screenshot: BuzzFeed
Screenshot: BuzzFeed


BuzzFeed, how could you? I can't think of one person who is aware of who Billy Joel is that doesn't know where he is from. Yet here we are, making him a wrong answer in a question about celebrities not from Jersey.

They could have chosen from hundreds of musicians, actors, influencers, you name it. But instead they decided to use one of the most notable Long Islanders in modern history.

Again, for some reason, the answer is Bradley Cooper. Take the full quiz here and see if you can answer the rest of the questions.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 producer, writer, and host Joe Votruba. Any opinions expressed are his own.

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