Only in Jersey would someone get away with charging $75 dollars for a sandwich.  That was my initial reaction, but tons of people are buying this gigantic sandwich with rave reviews.  This incredibly authentic Jersey Jewish Deli piles the meat sky high and only serves the highest quality fine meats.  In one meal, this is more meat than I would buy for school lunches for the week!

I mean look at this monster!  The restaurant's tagline refers to its main message, "where size does matter". Could you do it?  Would you do it?  Meet the Great Big Mother-F***ing Sandwich.  You can also abbreviate by using GBMFS for short. This big daddy 6- pounder consists of roasted beef, corned beef, pastrami, turkey, slaw, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and bread with a side of more coleslaw and pickles. I have the meat sweats just looking at it. If you can down this meat wonder in 45 minutes or less, you are not only my personal hero, you'll be the winner of their GBMFS challenge.

Here are the rules: the entire meal has to be consumed by one person (no sharing).  If you finish it in that timeframe or less, the sandwich is on the house.  Yep, totally FREE.  If you tap out, your name gets forever etched on the infamous wall of shame and you are forking over a whopping $75.00.

Photo credit: The Kibitz Room
Photo credit: The Kibitz Room

If you think about it, you will have leftovers for days and days and days.  Where can you find this meat-lovers paradise menu item?  The Kibitz Room in Cherry Hill is waiting for you!  Hundreds of hungry people find their way to their location at The Shoppes at Holly Ravine, specifically, 100 Springdale Road in Cherry Hill.  Is it worth the drive?  Hell yeah.  I would drive there for the Instagram photo alone! If you go and take on the GBMFS challenge you HAVE to send me your pictures!

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