Another stupid Facebook game has sucked me in, and I CAN'T.STOP.PLAYING.

Candy Crush game
Laurie Cataldo

Candy Crush Saga seems simple move the little colored pieces around to line up three or more similar colors in a row.

As the levels increase, they get more difficult...suddenly you have to clear jellies, defend yourself against multiplying chocolates, and defuse bombs.

And even if you complete the necessary tasks, did you get enough points to advance to the next level? Did you get 3 stars or only 1??

Now comes the embarrassing part: I'm on level 213. I don't know how it happened. I don't really ever play it on an actual computer, but I have it on my iPhone, and I find myself playing it ALL THE TIME.

'Doesn't she have anything better to do?' you ask. Yes. Yes I do.

Which is why I should probably just delete the stupid thing. But I can't. Because I've been on this godforsaken level for 3 weeks and so help me I WILL beat it.


I remember back when I got all caught up in Farmville and when I finally deleted it I felt like I had so much extra time in the day to be productive...

It's really all Mama C's fault, she's the one who told me about the joy of Candy...and quite like the real stuff, I'm much better off just not having it in the house!

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