I have walked past this as it was being built for so long, and to now know this little slice of triangle in the sky will be surrounded only by glass and allow you to step out onto it is pretty amazing!

Edge is described as 'out of this world' -- the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere! Tickets are already on sale, so book now if you're brave enough!

It's located at 30 Hudson Yards (near the Javitz Center) and at night the view from the NJ side (like from along the Hoboken promenade) is stunning when that triangle is all lit up!

Suspended in mid-air, it's like floating in the sky...with a 360-degree view 100 stories down from the GLASS FLOOR!

Lean over angled glass walls while sipping champagne. Now that's a unique experience for sure. From 1100 feet in the air and an 'edge' that sticks 80-feet straight out you can see all the way to Central Park, if not further!

There's also an observation deck from inside, and you can (of course) get a souvenir photo. CLICK HERE for tickets (they're not as expensive as I expected..)

CLICK HERE to see the incredible panoramic video....if it doesn't give you height fright!

For all the details about this stupendous spot, CLICK HERE!




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