I would love for you and a friend to join me for this month's Real Moms of the Jersey Shore!

Each month I host an event that gives moms the chance to get together for a girl's night out. Each time we do something different and fun.

This month's event is Thursday evening, June 21st, at Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Manasquan. And you do NOT need to know how to dance in order to come! In fact, I would prefer it if you AREN'T a good dancer...so that I won't be the only one laughing at myself, lol! And you don't need a date to serve as a dance partner for this event.

Some of the moms who came to a spring Real Moms event a couple of months ago got a taste of Latin line dancing from the dance studio. It is a HOOT! (with a HOT dance instructor, I might add!) It was so much fun and we will do plenty more of that this time around. By the way, you also DO NOT need dance shoes....and I can guarantee you that I WILL NOT be wearing shoes like the dancers in this picture, lol!

You'll also get to see some of the professionals perform some dances for you.

And how about watching (or trying!) a cardio strip tease class?!

Grab a girlfriend or fellow mom and register now! Just text "moms" to 89000 and you could join me for a night of fun, laughs, food, and some FANTASTIC prizes. Last month, some moms won up to SIX PRIZES! It was crazy!

And a big thanks to the girls at Jersey Shore Radiology, The Beaded Obsession, Mary-K, and Sparano Face & Nasal Institute for coming out and offering extra chances to win!

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