Whatever happened to basic respect and human decency?

We are in the thick of summer.  The bars and beaches are calling our names.  But can't a girl wear a bikini in peace?  Apparently not.

Last year, I wrote about a disgusting experience I had.  I was getting ready to go watch a game at a bar with my friend, and while I was waiting for an Uber a man rolled down his window and made a kissy noise at me (one of those nasty wet-sounding ones - vomit).

This year, it continues.

I was on the beach when a man thought it was necessary to sneak up behind me and compliment my beautiful body.  No, I'm not being conceited, those were his exact words said in a really creepy whisper.

You may be thinking: "he's paying you a compliment, so what's the problem?"  It's an unwanted compliment.  And unwanted conduct by definition is harassment.

What's the cat caller's thought process behind this? Do they really think yelling inappropriate things at people who are just trying to live their lives is going to make them fall in love with them?

Approach us appropriately, strike up a natural conversation, and then pay us a respectful compliment.  "You look very nice" would have sufficed.

Dating is hard for all of us. Let's not make it even harder by being rude and gross.  We're all human beings with feelings.

It's 2022, let's do better than this.  On behalf of anyone who has ever been spoken to inappropriately, I am begging you to please stop cat-calling people.

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