After a 15 year run and eventually closing of his Bobby Flay Steak House at the Borgata last year, the celebrity TV chef didn’t wait too long to get back in the Garden State and now heads back to Atlantic City to open Bobby’s Burgers at his new home at Harrah’s Resort.

You may remember, as I do, Bobby’s Burger Palace which Flay launched 13 years ago and didn’t survive the pandemic. Bobby’s Burger Palace was a sit down restaurant that served up his signature burgers and special cut fries. I was a big fan of his burgers but not of the Burger Palace atmosphere. It was decorated like a glorified fast food restaurant. There were several of his Burger Palace restaurants in New Jersey and all were closed after or during the pandemic.

Bobby’s Burgers, his latest restaurant, will be a revamp of his Burger Palace brand and concentrate more on take out. Bobby Flay cut the ribbon last Friday, August 12, 2022 and has also opened new Bobby’s Burgers in Las Vegas and at Yankee Stadium during the baseball season.

Let’s face it, Bobby knows how to make a good burger, he’s also a stickler for details, service and great food. I enjoyed his Bobby’s Burger Palace and I think the paired down new version of his restaurant will do quite well and sticking to the take out makes it convenient.


The menu is simple and focuses on burgers, shakes and fries and he has expanded into breakfast sandwiches which should do well in the Atlantic City and Las Vegas for those late night, early morning gamblers that want a good burger or breakfast sandwich at all hours.

I admire Bobby Flay for his persistence in keeping New Jersey a destination for his restaurants. I’ll be down there to try a big medium-rare burger with the works! Enjoy!


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