So what's the inside scoop on how celebrities felt about the Academy Awards? Here's what they had to say:

Here's the Twitter Talk:

Stacey Keibler: "You're right, Billy Crystal, George Clooney is a good kisser."

Justin Bieber: "A big shout out to Billy Crystal. Thanks for letting me be part of the show."

Kirstie Alley: "Chris Rock, funniest cat in the yard."

Tom Bergeron: "If Nick Nolte gets any redder it's going to go supernova...Angelina Jolie's lipstick color is Nick Nolte."

Kim Kardashian: "Fun times at the Elton John party!"

Piers Morgan: "Why are actors always so bad at acting during the Oscars?"

Roger Ebert: "Great relief to see Glenn Close cleavage again after Albert Nobbs."

Kathy Griffin: "Meryl Streep looks pretty. Love the cleavage."

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