When you look at the history of Academy Award winners, it seems like celebrities from New Jersey dominate the major categories.

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A recent check of the Academy Award scoreboard by Yahoo! Movies brings to light the sheer dominance of Garden State celebrities in the major categories.

In the history of the Academy Awards, no actor has been able to capture 4. The most ever awarded to an actor has been three, and one of them is from New Jersey.

The New Jersey Actor With Three Academy Award Wins

Along with Daniel Day-Lewis and Walter Brennan, Jack Nicholson has 3 Academy Award wins under his belt.

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Jack won "Best Actor" twice for One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, and the other for As Good As It Gets. His third Oscar was for "Best Supporting Actor" for Terms Of Endearment.

But Jack Nicholson's amazing Academy Award success is not where New Jersey's domination of the Oscar record books ends.

New Jersey Dominates In The Actress Category As Well

There is just about as much New Jersey in the Academy Award actress category as there is in the actor category.

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There is only one actress to ever bring home 4 trophies, and that was the legendary Katherine Hepburn, but right behind her with three wins is a New Jersey actress who is legendary in her own right.

Three actresses have won three Oscar statues. Frances McDormand, Ingrid Bergman,  and the other is New Jersey's own Meryl Streep.

The New Jersey Actress Who Makes Oscar History

Streep won "Best Actress" for Sophie's Choice and The Iron Lady, and "Best Supporting Actress" for Sophie's Choice.

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And just in case you're wondering, the actor with the most Academy Award nominations in history is Jack Nicholson with 21. And the actress with the most nominations?

You guessed it. It's Meryl Streep with an unbelievable 21. Apparently no state does the Academy Awards better than New Jersey.

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