There is no question that New Jersey has made its fair share of contributions to the music world, and some of New Jersey's top artists are also some of the top artists the world has ever known.

So, when Stacker came out with their list of the 50 most successful music artists of all time, we were instantly curious how many great New Jersey artists would be on the list and how high they would rank.

New Jersey's Best Musicians

Let's start with a great New Jersey artist who didn't make the list, which surprised me. Bon Jovi did not make the top 50. The rankings were based on record sales and Grammy Awards, and they didn't cut.

Here's the good news though. Four amazing New Jersey artists did make the list, and one even made the top 5.

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So let's see which Garden State musicians made this list of the top 50 most successful of all time.

The Most Successful Musicians Ever In New Jersey

Frank Sinatra. You might have thought Ol' Blue Eyes would have been higher on the list, but his amazing career, and the fact that he always did it his way, lands him at #47 on the list.

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Paul Simon. He may not be the first name you think of when talking about New Jersey artists, but he was born in Newark and holds the #45 spot on the list. Any time you're higher than Sinatra, that's pretty impressive.

Whitney Houston. She had the singing voice of an angel, and her music will live in our hearts forever. With her record sales and awards, she lands at an impressive #23 on this list.

Bruce Springsteen. There is nothing not New Jersey about Bruce. With a career that's still going strong and a love for the Garden State that can't be denied, he comes in at #5 on the list.

And of course, this is just the tip of the musical iceberg in New Jersey. We are a state that has contributed so much to the music world.

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