Who doesn’t love a good gangster movie? Here in New Jersey, we love them a lot, and some of the greatest actors New Jersey has ever produced have helped propel great gangster movies to the top of the all-time best list.

Before we dig into how the great Garden State actors excelled in the best gangster movies ever, we have to determine which movies the experts say top the list in this genre.

New Jersey Actors Dominate Mob Movies

We checked out what the well-respected website Stacker lists as the best gangster movies of all time and it doesn’t take long to see just how much New Jersey influence is on the list.

The #9 movie on the list, L.A. Confidential features the amazing Danny DeVito, and it doesn’t get more New Jersey than that.  And then right there at #8 is The Irishman, which features Joe Pesci, and as you've probably guessed, this isn’t the only time we’ll be using his name in this article.

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We’re about to talk about him, and another great New Jersey actor who starred in the classic gangster movie Goodfellas. Fellow New Jersey actor Ray Liotta joined Joe Pesci in that one.

The Top Two Gangster Movies Ever

The number two gangster movie of all time, according to this list, is Pulp Fiction, and we all know that New Jersey actor John Travolta starred in that one, and for the record, so did the Garden State’s Bruce Willis.

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For the record, the #1 gangster movie on the list is The Godfather, and no New Jersey actors are in the main parts of this one. Just think how much better it would be if there were! Let's not forget, though, that some of the filming of The Godfather happened in the Garden State.

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