Are you familiar with any of the Garden State's self-incrimination laws? If you're not, you're not exactly missing out on anything important these days. You see, these laws once held weight, but apparently don't anymore.

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To elaborate, the state of NJ formerly had laws that, up until 2020, protected people from being forced to turn over any information that could incriminate themselves in a court of law. That once included your cell phone.

In 2020, the New Jersey Supreme Court deemed that it was within the realms of the Constitution to force people to fork over their cell phones to law enforcement. The case came to the court after an Essex County sheriff's officer was accused of tipping off a drug dealer. He had been ordered by NJ courts to hand over his smartphone's passcode. The officer, Robert Andrews, didn't want to do that stating that it, "was a violation of the protections against self-incrimination in the United States Constitution and New Jersey law."

The case made it all the way up to the NJ Supreme Court who, according to, said that it WAS constitutional for them to demand Andrews' passcode since the passcode itself isn't incriminating.

Law interpretation is so weird, isn't it? It's all in how you can twist the words.

Basically, this means that should you never use your phone for anything that you wouldn't want law enforcement, a judge, or a jury to see. It's sad that we have to think that way, but that's now the world we live in.

To find out what all of this means, get even more clarification HERE.


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