The pedestrian dining and street closures in Red Bank are being tweaked. Here's what you need to know.

Red Bank's outdoor dining and closure of Broad Street on Thursday through Saturday is a great success. So much so that they are going to add on a day! People are able to stroll downtown, dine and shop between Wallace and Front Streets and not worry about vehicular traffic in that area. The restaurants along that strip are thriving in terms of their outside dining.

But on Sundays, Red Bank had been closing Monmouth Street for dining and shopping....and that hasn't been quite as successful because not enough restaurants and shops were participating in that area on that day of the week.

So the town has wisely decided to increase the Broadway Pedestrian Plaza to FOUR days beginning this weekend, and that means that you can now stroll, dine, and shop on the area of Broad street that's closed to traffic on Thursday through SUNDAY!

As for the restaurants on Monmmouth Street that had been offering outside dining, as well as some of the restaurants on Broad Street outside of the pedestrian plaza, they may soon be offered 'streateries' or 'parklets', if you will --- small, pop-up-type areas that would take up some parking spots out front in order to provide additional tables for outdoor dining.

When I went to Bombay River (best Indian food in NJ, if you ask me!), they weren't able to provide very many tables on the sidewalk alone, so hopefully they will be able to expand into parking spaces along the street!

Details here!

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