Today, Channing Tatum's social media accounts blew up, as he released 60 seconds worth of eye candy in the form of the trailer for Magic Mike XXL...and a choir of angels sang.

Did you see the first Magic Mike movie back in 2012? It's the fairly ridiculous story of a bunch of insanely good looking male strippers. So maybe the storyline is lacking, but scenes of shirtless, ripped Matthew McConaughey, Tatum, Joe Manganiello, and Matt Bomer?

Sign me up! (Twice.)

You may think this is clearly not the 'thinking woman's' movie...but it is...when that woman is thinking she just wants to watch a hot guy take his clothes off and dance. (PREACH!)

Bless you Channing. Bless you.

Magic Mike XXL hits theaters July 1st. We can watch the trailer on repeat til then!