The past 18 months have been turbulant, but one thing always remains constant: there's no better place to be during the summer than the beach.

Now Point listeners can get a look at the beach conditions before stepping out the door with the Jenkinson's Boardwalk Beach Cam:

If you happen to be ON Jenkinson's Beach right now, be sure to give us a 'wave', And let us tell you how absolutely JEALOUS we are of you right now.

Thank you to our good friends at Jenkinson's Boardwalk for their 24/7 view of their gorgeous beach... it's a beautiful sight, even from the doldrums of your office desk.

Get the daily beach & water conditions anytime with our Beach Buzz beach report.

Plus, stay up to date on all things Jersey Shore with the free 94.3 The Point app.

Now pack up your Tommy Bahama beach chair, your favorite book, and your favorite radio station (who might that be?) and head on over to the best place at the Jersey Shore!

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