Beautiful Momma Fox And Pups Causing A Stir At Jersey Shore Beach
Every time I log onto Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter I see foxes. They're running the beach, bright and beautifully colored, and being trailed by pups. It is quite the sight, generating (in total) thousands of likes, comments, and shares. Of course, I thought I'd share some with you. …
Vax And Relax At The Jersey Shore This Summer
When I think of our boardwalks I think of great pizza, games and rides...maybe even a new pet hermit crab but getting vaccinated? It may happen and it may not be a bad idea. A Republican New Jersey assemblyman Ronald S. Dancer wants extra COVID testing and vaccination sites at the Jersey Shore this…
The BEST Raw Bars At The Jersey Shore!
My husband Tony and I were just saying it's not Summer until we're sitting outside looking at the ocean and shooting down fresh raw clams and oysters covered in hot sauce at the Jersey Shore! We eat em' all and there are so many places to get your fix! I'm sooooo ready for a glas…
Snooki Back On The Beach And Back on TV!
Snooki is back at the beach! If you are still in your COVID cocoon, good news, I have some bingey Jersey TV for you! She may be taking a vacation from the Jersey Shore Family Vacations but this Jersey girl is all grown up and happy to host on HGTV.

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