Sue, it's 2022, yes...but for some reason last night on the phone my Mom brought up Woolworth's and a ton of memories swept through me.

Woolworth's, something I haven't thought about in years. That store was it for us in the '80s. The smell of the store forever in my senses. I still remember that smell when I walked into that store in our town. Some of the Woolworth's that I knew about had an actual restaurant in it or just a counter with stools. Ours had a counter with stools.

Check out this TV commercial from 1982:

Some of the memories that you already shared with me from Woolworth's I thought I'd share with you...

S&S from Toms River remembers going to Woolworth's every Saturday afternoon with his Grandpa and they loved sitting at the counter.

Tim from Asbury Park loved the train section they had in Woolworth's. He would always buy a car or a train when he went in with his Dad.

Sandra from Pt. Pleasant Beach used to love to go to Woolworth's to buy yarn with her Mom. ( Funny, I do remember the large bins of yarn sitting at the end of certain isles.)

I love these memories, I'm glad I'm not the only one with these great memories. Thank you so much for sharing these great memories.

Patty from Bayville loved Woolworth's for their chocolate milkshakes. They made especially good milkshakes with whipped cream and two cherries and our Woolworth's would put this cherry sauce over the whipped cream. I miss Woolworth's.

Share your memories of Woolworth's. Bring back the lunch counter.

Sad, Woolworth's is no longer around. Here are more things you might miss from childhood:

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