Don't just limit your spring cleaning to inside your home.

It's important to check the outside as well.

More specifically your mailbox.

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Do you run out and check your mail every single day or do you let the mail build up and check it maybe once or twice a week?

If you haven't checked your mailbox lately now is the time!

You want to make sure it looks good and if it doesn't look good, take the time to make any necessary improvements.

The United States Postal Service Reminds New Jersey Residents to Have Good Working Mailboxes

Give your mail carriers a good working mailbox for them to place your mail in.

If your shrubs are overgrown and cover the entire area make sure you trim them back so there's easy access to the mailbox.

Also, if your mailbox looks crooked, it's not properly bolted to the post or it's about to fall over make sure you fix it.

According to the USPS, it's important to provide mailboxes that are:

  • Approved by the Postmaster General.
  • Designed to protect your mail from the weather.
  • Safe to use.
  • Conveniently located.
  • Neat in appearance.

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"Mailboxes that meet these five important requirements help delivery and collection operations and improve service to the entire route."

Mailbox Improvement Week was technically May 21st - 27th, but it's never too late to make improvements to your mailbox.

Take the time to make the necessary improvements and make sure it's in good working condition.

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